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The ADB Water Sector Group has empaneled a pool of experts and consultants who can support ADB project officers and their counterpart executing and implementing agencies in various aspects of water security and resilience. Use Jal's Ask The Expert feature to raise detailed queries to our experts.

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Adriaan Jeuken

Paris Agreement Alignment Specialist
Adriaan specializes in climate change adaptation, mitigation and water management, with cross-cutting experience in executing climate change risk analysis, adaptation planning and in training and capacity building activities. He brings more than two decades of leadership, management, policy and advisory experience gained from reputable international organizations (i.e. European commission, ADB, WB, FAO and UNFCCC) and local governments worldwide, across most sectors and asset classes nationally…

Andreas Biermann

Paris Agreement Alignment Specialist
Andreas specializes in climate finance, climate change, sustainable energy project development and management and energy policy, with cross-cutting experience in sustainable finance. Having worked for large multilateral development organizations such as GCF and EBRD, he has established a strong network of high-level contacts through the multilateral climate finance world, including in particular the Climate Investment Funds, the Global Environment Facility, and the Green Climate Fund. Since…

Benjamin Smith

Paris Agreement Alignment Specialist
Benjamin has a good track record working with MDBs on climate risk assessment and climate risk management, including the use and application of climate data, and the development and selection of adaptation options. He used to work on several ADB projects, and have been providing technical support on adaptation and resilience to the SEUW division during 2021, supporting them in it's initial response to ADB's evolving Paris-Alignment guidance including an interim assessment of the alignment of…

Benoit Laplante

Climate Economist/Financial Analyst
Benoit's main fields of expertise are environmental economics, environmental financing, economic instruments for pollution control, and cost-benefit analysis. He has assessed the economic costs and benefits of large hydro-power projects (including Laos, Viet Nam, and Ethiopia), and designed and tested market-based instruments for pollution control (including Viet Nam, Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka). He has designed public disclosure programs for industrial environmental performance and…

Bruce Hooper

Institutional Development Specialist
Bruce has worked in the natural resources sector since 1989 as policy advisor in several countries including Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, India and Malaysia. He developed evidence-based performance indicators as a tool to benchmark better outcomes of water governance at the national, basin and floodplain scales and in reporting mechanisms by river basin organizations. In teams or individually, he has won or led consultancy and research projects funded by the ADB, World Bank…

Casper Meeuwis Van Der Tak

Greenhouse Gas Emission Accounting Specialist
Casper (56) is a Dutch economist with over 25 years of experience in the field of climate change. He has a wide track record in Asia, having lived in Asia for more than 12 years and having worked  in 20 of ADB’s DMCs. Casper has over 20  years of experience in greenhouse gas accounting, being it in the development of emission reduction projects through his company Caspervandertak Consulting (over 160 projects successfully registered with the CDM executive Board of the UNFCCC), as validator and…

Craig Hart

Greenhouse Gas Emission Specialist
Craig is the Executive Director of Pace Energy & Climate Center at Pace University’s Haub School of Law, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s Energy Policy and Climate program, and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center. He advises governments, project developers, lenders and investors in conventional energy, renewable energy and carbon management projects and regulation in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. He holds a J.D. and B.A. from the…

Damien Million

Water Instrumentation Specialist
Electrical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in instrumentation, SCADA, smart water systems, performance and optimization, digital tools, information systems, equipment tendering, control and technical solutions for drinking water, wastewater, process water and sludge treatment for both public and private sectors. Has experience in more than 20 countries including many in Asia.

Eduardo García Alonso

Smart Water Specialist
Civil engineer more than 25 years’ experience specialized in water planning, water security, water system management, smart water systems and associated technologies, with a focus on hydrology, water resources, flood risk and smart water systems. Main capability includes application of digital technologies to the water sector and risk reduction schemes using nature-inspired solutions. He is familiar with the technicalities of climate adaptation in the water sector, and positive about the role…

Eelco Van Beek

Strategic Water Sector Analysis Specialist
In 1972, Mr. Van Beek graduated cum laude at the Delft University of Technology in Civil Engineering. He joined Delft Hydraulics (now Deltares) in 1976. During the 45+ years of his career, Prof. Van Beek has carried out many water resources development projects, ranging from projects with emphasis on long-term planning to real-time operation. He is co-author of the textbook on water resources  management “Water Resource Systems Planning and Management – An Introduction to Methods, Models, and…