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Benjamin Smith

Paris Agreement Alignment Specialist

Benjamin has a good track record working with MDBs on climate risk assessment and climate risk management, including the use and application of climate data, and the development and selection of adaptation options. He used to work on several ADB projects, and have been providing technical support on adaptation and resilience to the SEUW division during 2021, supporting them in it's initial response to ADB's evolving Paris-Alignment guidance including an interim assessment of the alignment of projects, and comments on internal draft guidance for both the Water and Urban sectors. He also recently completed an assessment of PA-alignment in the DUWSP project, applying the Water sector guidance for both mitigation and adaptation. As such he is seen to have a good understanding of ADB's current policies on Paris- Alignment, and their application. He also carried out PA assessments for EBRD, and integrated PA procedures into the development of a climate risk management framework for IsDB.