ADB e-Marketplace 2023

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) e-Marketplace gathers stakeholders from ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) to discuss the latest digital technology and best practices to deliver smart, resilient, safe, and inclusive water management and services.

Cohosted by Water Resilience Hub partners, ADB e-Marketplace 2023 is a webinar series that will feature rapid-fire pitches from technology companies and solutions providers.

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22nd May 2023, 12:00–01:30 PM (Manila time, GMT +8)

Co-presented by Imagine H2O, our partner for the Accelerating Innovation & Digitalization (AID) program, the inaugural session will showcase six innovative emerging technologies that are tackling Asia and the Pacific’s water and wastewater crisis:

TeamSolve - AI-enabled digital knowledge companion tool that captures operational, explicit and tacit knowledge to generate problem-solving insights during O&M and incident response scenarios

Solinas Integrity - Suite of robotic solutions for wastewater pipeline management and sanitation, including automated septic tank cleaning robots that minimize human contact with sewage

Ekatvam Innovations - Community-specific water governance tool that gathers and integrates local data to develop water budgets that inform climate resilience strategies for villages

DigitalPaani - Lifecycle management software for wastewater treatment that optimizes and automates workflows for end-to-end plant operations

TracWater - Self-powered multi-sensor robots for physical and chemical water quality measurements in real-time to monitor pipelines and water sources for utilities

EF Polymer - Biodegradable polymer that retains and releases water slowly to maintain crop soil moisture while doubling as a natural fertilizer Register via this form to secure your attendance.


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