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by Aerolion Technologies


Intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) solutions for confined space and underground wastewater tunnel inspection.



Carbon-negative, off-grid biological wastewater treatment solution that produces Euro Class-C water for re-use, soil-conditioner, and bio-methane

Alluvium - Environmental Flow Approach

by Alluvium Group


Finding the balance between environmental protection and development - an innovative approach to assessing environment flow requirements.

Australian National University


Not only can pumped storage hydropower enable the transition to low carbon electricity grids, it can also help with providing firm power in the Himalayas and offers opportunities for multiple uses to benefit local people.

Charles Sturt University


A collaborative project with the Food and Agriculture Organization to improve water resources management in Indonesia by implementing a spatial analysis framework to identify river connectivity issues.

Civic Ledger


Designs markets of tomorrow using blockchain, tokenisation and automation to accelerate accountability and transparency in the global water value chain where trust matters

CWAS: Blended finance for sanitation PPPs


Blended finance to support public-private partnerships (PPPs) for financing across sanitation service chain



Lifecycle management software for wastewater treatment that optimizes and automates workflows for end-to-end plant operations.

EF Polymer


Biodegradable polymer that retains and releases water slowly to maintain crop soil moisture while doubling as a natural fertilizer Register via this form to secure your attendance.

Ekatvam Innovations


Community-specific water governance tool that gathers and integrates local data to develop water budgets that inform climate resilience strategies for villages.