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Avian Sensitivity Tool for Energy Planning (AVISTEP)

by BirdLife International


AVISTEP as an upstream sensitivity mapping tool focusing on birds which provides a low cost solution to speeding up delivery of renewable energy projects. AVISTEP quickly allows developers and governments to identify sites of high wind and solar resources but with low environmental sensitivity ideal for renewables development, as well as sites of high sensitivity that should be avoided. The result of using such a tool will mean projects can be developed more quickly, gain regulatory approval and have easier access to lender finance. Equipped with information obtained from this tool, those involved in planning renewable energy will be able to ensure that facilities are developed in the most appropriate locations.


by IHA (with partners)


The tool is designed to help hydropower companies and researchers estimate and report the net greenhouse gas emissions of a reservoir.

Global Mangrove Watch (GMW)

by Global Mangrove Alliance


Monitoring to catalyze the action needed to protect and restore mangroves. Thriving mangroves are key to the health of nature and effective climate action. Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) is an online platform that provides the remote sensing data and tools for monitoring mangroves necessary for this. It gives universal access to near real-time information on where and what changes there are to mangroves across the world, and highlights why they are valuable.

Green Utility Toolkit

by BEWOP (UN-IHE Delft)


The Green Utility Toolkit is a self-assessment strategic planning and monitoring tool for water and wastewater utilities that are interested and willing to improve their practices in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner.

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox



The SSWM Toolbox is the most extensive collection of knowledge around sustainable sanitation and water management.