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IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas



A novel tool for flexible spatial and temporal analyses of much of the observed and projected climate change information underpinning the Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report, including regional synthesis for Climatic Impact-Drivers (CIDs)

IWMI Environmental Flow Calculators



The IWMI Environmental Flow Calculators are a family of software for desktop rapid assessment of Environmental Flows (EFs).

JAXA Climate Rainfall Watch

by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - JAXA


JAXA Climate Rainfall Watch shows global precipitation map called "Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP)" for time scales from daily to monthly. It provides extreme heavy rainfall and drought indices using over-20-years GSMaP statistics. Users can easily monitor the indices as well as mean values of global precipitation on a map.

JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch

by Japanese Space Exploration Agency - JAXA


JAXA Realtime Rainfall Watch shows global precipitation map called "Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation" (GSMaP). Users can easily monitor the spatial extent of rainfall in real-time including heavy rainfall and typhoons/cyclones.

Mainstreaming Water Resilience in Asia and the Pacific Guidance Note

by ADB


This guidance note provides specific actions and tools for scaling up and mainstreaming water resilience in Asia and the Pacific through ADB’s operations.




OASIS (Options AnalysiS in Irrigation Systems) is a planning model for medium to large-scale canal irrigation systems (typically several thousand hectares).

Portable reuse: Guidance for producing safe drinking-water

by WHO and PUB Singapore


The guidance is intended for use by drinking-water suppliers and regulators who are familiar with the WHO’s Guidelines for drinking-water quality and, in particular, the framework for safe drinking-water, including water safety plans. This publication may also be useful to others with an interest in potable reuse including environmental health and water resource professionals.

Resilience and Decarbonization: Capacity Building and Roadmap Preparation for Water Utilities

by ADB, Deltares, Globalfields


This training course is a collaboration of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Deltares, Dr. Craig Hart of Johns Hopkins University, and Andreas Biermann of Globalfields.

Resilient Rivers Hub

by IRF


Sanitation 21

by International Water Association (IWA)


Sanitation 21 presents a planning framework for improving city-wide inclusive sanitation services based on international best practices. Initially developed in 2006, this updated version builds on recent experiences where good planning has formed an integral part of achieving improvements in urban sanitation. The document sets out key principles and process guidelines to help city stakeholders develop appropriate and affordable solutions to sanitation problems, taking into account technology issues, management arrangements, institutional challenges and demands for improvement from different stakeholders.